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Life in Cuba

Daily Life for Cubans

House in Cuba

Life for Cubans is sometimes rough, depending on family ties. Cubans get a monthly ration for food. Things such as chicken, eggs, beans, coffee, etc. are given in this ration. Most Cubans cannot afford a car. If a Cuban could afford a car, they are had pressed to find one in good condition.
One of the favorite pasttimes in Cuba, is baseball. Baseball is the most popular sport in Cuba, as well.
In Cuba, children are wards of the state. The state decides everything from schooling to drinking milk to career choices. At the age of 11, children are forced to leave their parents and do "voluntary work."
The main language in Cuba is Spanish.
Families in Cuba often live together. Not only because of a shortage of housing, but also because children in Hispanic cultures are traditionally raised by grandparents as well as parents.
Cuban cuisine in a mixture of Spanish and African. Dishes such as arroz con pollo (Chicken and rice) are popular. There are food shortages in Cuba, so eating out is rarely an option. There are often long waits. Cuban beer is legendary with shrimp cocktail.

Did You Know? Cubans make on average $10 a month working.