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Religion in Cuba

Despite generally being known as an atheist country, Cuba's religion has grown.
Cuba has been unable to worship openly for nearly five decades. Cuban Christianity suffered growth because, during the war for independence, the Church sided with colonizing Spain. This caused the official split between government and religion. The visit from Pope John Paul II in 1998, reinstated Christmas as a holiday and helped begin communication between the government and Christians.
Catholicism is the most prevelant faith in Cuba. There are very many Protestant churches in Cuba as well. Other churches often seen in Cuba are: Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian. Protestant churches are growing at a faster rate than Catholic churches, which suffers from a shortage of priests. Castro was very harsh on Cuba's Catholic churches and their people. It is reported that over 700 new churches have been established since 1992, when anti-religion policies eased. Many Cubans, however, claim no religious affiliation at all.

Church in Cuba


Did You Know? Judaism in Cuba is severly restricted.