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Brief overview of Cuba's economy.

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Cuba's government is in charge of the economy as well as many other things. The government has undergone serious changes to help strengthen the deficiency and shortage of food and supplies. The average Cuban's standard of living remains at a lower level than it did in the early 1990's.
Cuba's economy is based strongly upon service which makes up 67.6% followed closely by industry with a strong 26.9% Cuba's major industries include sugar, petroleum, tobacco, chemicals, nickel, steel, cement, etc. Cuba makes about $1.8 billion on exports alone. However, they import about $4.8 billion in goods and supplies. Major imports include: petroleum, food, machinery and equipment, and chemicals.
Cuba's monetary unit is based upon the peso. One peso in Cuba is worth about one dollar in the US.

Cuban Peso

Did you know? Cuba's debt to the United States is $45,200,000.00!