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Problems in Cuba
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Problems in Cuba

Crisis in Cuba

Cuba has faced many hardships over the years. One of them being a short supply of food. The breakup of socialism in the Soviet Union created a major crisis in Cuba. Cuba lost 80% of their export markets and imports fell 80% as well. The country went into shock as employment, production, and standards of living dropped dramatically. The average Cuban lost 20 lbs. by 1994.
Cuba also struggles with biotechnology. Improving the health of the people mainly through the development of new vaccines was a major biotechnical struggle. In 1981 there was a serious epidemic of dengue fever in Cuba. Cuba has since developed education for people and medical school for students to be trained to treat Cubans. Cuba has the highest mortality rate in Latin America. There is about 1 doctor for every 200 people now in Cuba.
The last recurring problem of Cuba is illict migration. Cubans attempt to depart the homeland and enter the US using homemade rafts, alien smugglers, direct flights, and falsified passports. About 2,500 people tried to escape to the Strait of Florida in 2002.

Food Crisis

Did You Know? Medical services and drugs are free to all in Cuba.